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DermaWand Review

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DermaWand ReviewWhat is a Derma Wand?

The Dermawand is a FDA approved handheld radio frequency device that stimulates the skin through electronic micro-pulses that create both a mini massage and surface based free oxygen. The combination stimulates blood flow, destroys bacteria while reducing wrinkles and bringing a youthful vibrancy to your skin. This same technology is used in large salon equipment that is used by estheticians in trendy skincare salons.

Is the Dermawand a Scam ?

The Dermawand isn’t even close to being a scam. The Dermawand and its predecessor, the Oxylight, have both been approved by the FDA. The Dermawand has been available worldwide for more than a decade. Over 2 millon have been sold. The DermaWand has been sold in boutiques, in spas, via infomercials and through the major home shopping networks. Most recently, it has been a top selling beuty product on ShopNBC.

How Easy is it to Use a Dermawand ?

The Dermawand is extremely simple to use. First you make sure it is set at its lowest setting and then you plug it in. Make sure that the protective cap is removed and begin your treatment. The tip is moved along the surface of the skin in linear and circular motions. All depending on the results you desire to attain. Don’t worry, each Dermawand comes with a instructional booklet and a DVD that shown the different therapies. You can adjust the skin care routine to fit the specific problems areas that you personally wish to target. Each session only takes about 3 minutes.

What are the Benefits Of Using the Dermawand ?

Many people report results as soon as they start using the DermaWand. These results include:
- Lifting and toning of sagging skin
- Reduction of puffiness and bags around the eyes
- Restoration of bad skin texture
- Fading of lip lines
- Shrinking of overly enlarged pores

Obviously, even though many people notice initial results with the first treatment, it is going to take more than one three minute treatment to get all the facial age reversing results. Also, think of it as a non-surgical face lift that helps you avoid the knives and needles that go with a full on surgical facelift.

Some forums and sites in the United Kingdom and Canada talk about using the Device for treating acne and blemishes. However, the official US site does not talk about this at all. Probably a regulatory issue. My guess is that the anti-bacterial effects of the enriched oxygen (O3) that is driven into the skin has a therapeutic benefit to bacterial based pimples. Also, the micro-current stimulated increase in blood circulation improves the skins ability to heal.

Does the Dermawand Work ?

Two million units sold and the device is still selling well as a top beauty product on ShopNBC. This would not be the case if the DermaWand did not deliver results. The average of the online reviews from a number of sources gives a score of a little above 4 out of 5. When you consider that people are three times more likely to leave a negative review than to leave a positive one that is a pretty good score.

How Does the Dermawand Work ?

The anti-bacterial efficacy of high frequency microcurrents was discovered by researchers such as Nikola Tesla in the late 1800’s. Before the discovery of antibiotics, radio frequency devices were a common treatment for wound infections in Europe.Buy DermaWand

The microcurrent stimulation works in three different ways. First it generates the enriched oxygen for the antibacterial benefits. Second, the pulsating of the current massages the top layers of the skin and increase blood flow and detoxification. Third, the radio frequency waves slightly heat the fat and moisture layers of the skin and cause a gentle wrinkle filling effect.

Should You Buy A Dermawand ?

The Dermawand generally sells for around $100 depending on what extras are included in the kit. The full kit includes several products from the company’s Derma Vital skincare line. A good anti-aging skincare value when you consider that in spa treatments would cost $50 to $75.

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